Criminal Defense

The Firm takes an aggressive, proactive approach to providing representation to criminal defendant.

Few situations in a person’s life will be as embarrassing or costly as a criminal prosecution. With no prior knowledge of the criminal justice system, most are swept before the court, bewildered, to enter a plea and negotiate terms for their release. Most are ineligible for a public defender. They don’t know what to do or who to turn to.

Many accused are innocent—just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the focus of an over-zealous police officer trying to promote his career. Or they have a justification for the things that they did. Convinced that the presumption of innocence will protect them and end the nightmare, they usually are convicted and sentenced to jail time, stiff fines, and or a criminal record that will haunt them the rest of their lives.

Others are guilty of the crimes they are charged with. Rather than obtain legal help, they trust that the prosecutor will be fair with them if they admit to being guilty. But prosecutors are motivated by winning not by “fairness.” They love plea agreements because they automatically win. And sadly, the plea agreements prosecutors extend to unrepresented defendants contain penalties far harsher than what the Court would impose.

The criminal defense lawyers at Parker Schwartz can regardless of whether the client is innocent or guilty. They listen to the client’s case. Knowledgeable in the criminal code and procedural rules, they educate the client about their situation and explore all possible litigation strategies. Clients get answers to their questions and return phone calls no later than the next business day. Criminal defense cases receive aggressive and proactive treatment: The lawyers, and their team of forensic analysts and investigators, immediately interview arresting officers and the crime scene looking for inconsistencies and evidence favorable to the client. They know the county and city prosecutors and how each office approaches prosecuting crimes, so they know who is making the decisions, what to ask for, and the most effective ways to obtain the best result for the client.

The criminal lawyers at Parker Schwartz PLLC provide defense for all misdemeanor, DUI, and felony charges except crimes punishable by the death penalty.